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Most of us through out our lives have experience stress or just feeling anxious. Sometimes when we are so worried about something in our lives in ends up we have an anxiety attack over it. That feeling when you first have one is such a horrible experience we don’t know what is happening to us which makes us feel even more anxiety because we panic and don’t understand what’s happening.

Some symptoms’ may include heart palpitations’, sweaty hands, a feeling that we want to run. You can experience many different sensations through out the body. Then once we experience this then we get scared about it happening again so then we end up in a viscous circle of being worried about having an anxiety attack and then when we do have one we hold on to it, or tense up and so it prolongs the anxiety attack even further. So we tend to live each day worrying about whether it’s going to happen again.

I have experience all this myself and felt it was just controlling my life. Till one day I said to myself is anxiety attacks going to control me or am I going to control anxiety attacks. I found a couple of books and read them. These are couple of points that helped me.

• The biggest and best you can do is first let it go. When you have an anxiety attack just allow it to happen, don’t hold on to it. I know that it is very hard to do but believe me when I first let it go I could not believe how fast it went away. Just allow it to happen, feel what’s happening in your body, don’t hold on to what’s happening just let it go.

• By breathing normally or best is have a mint, eat something, or start talking or sing to the music. It tends to get your breathing back to normal. That is one of the reasons we feel light headed or dizzy when we have an anxiety attack is because we are breathing so fast there is to much oxygen in the brain. So concentrate on your breathing and just breathe nice and slow.

• Vitamin B complex is great it helps you relax, get out and do more exercise it helps you release your frustrations it also induces endorphin’s which is the feel good hormone that is released through the body when we exercise. Notice after you exercise how good and relaxed you feel.

• Take time out in your life each day and think about your life, are you happy? What could you do to make it change? Ask yourself these questions, only you can make yourself happy. Don’t rely on others to make you happy that is not their responsibility it’s yours. So take control of your life and don’t allow others to control you.

• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great technique to use. You can use it in all aspects of your life. From Anxiety Attacks, Health, fitness, wealth. Go to emofree there is a wealth of information there for you to get started with this great technique.

Just remember Anxiety is not a physical condition it is an emotional condition and it’s a way for your body to tell you that your mind is not healthy. So take what your body is saying to you and do something about it before it does turn into physical sickness in your body. I experienced anxiety for about 10 years myself; I have been there and done that. I never thought I could get rid of it. Until one day I made the decision that I am going to control it, it’s not going to control me.

Buy some books read them, take the advice and try what they say. You DON’T need drugs to control anxiety only you can control Anxiety.

“Change happens not by making ourselves change but by realizing what’s not working”

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What’s your boggle? Anxiety!!!

Anxiety disorder impacts many individuals all over the world and is especially common in Western as well as other industrialized nations like america, Uk, and Europe. In the USA, anxiety disorders rate highly in the long set of mental health issues experienced by many people on a daily basis. Medical studies demonstrate we have about 28 million men who endure anxiety disorder each year. This state may interfere with the individual’s work, studies, or family life. In The usa, these mental health states were closely linked to high rates of alcohol and substance misuse.

Those who endure anxiety disorder often tire easily, deficiency focus, depression, and sleep disorder. Physical symptoms can include sweating, nausea, dizziness, stomach upset tummy, trembling, frequent must urinate, muscle tension, and additional. About 90 percent of people who endure anxiety disorder have histories of depression, social anxiety, alcohol or substance misuse.

Medical studies indicate there are six forms of anxiety disorders in the adult people:

— Panic Ailments - The main symptom of panic disorder is the incidence of panic attacks along with anxiety of developing them again.
— Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - This illness is distinguished by unwanted, intruding ideas or persistent behaviours that reveals a patient’s efforts to command it.
— Phobias - It’s an irrational, extreme, unrelenting anxiety of specific, things, actions, or men. The main indications of the illness is excessive, inordinate, intent to variables that bring panic.
— Anxiety Illnesses - This illness is centered on negative reactions to disturbing events in a patient’s life.
— Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). This illness is distinguished by worry about regular, ordinary matters like health, work, cash, along with other day-to-day worries. Those who suffer from GAD are usually irritable and suffer from headaches, tiredness, and muscle tension.
— Anxiety disorder because of physical causes. These generally include general health conditions or developed as a result of substance abuse.

The causes and indications of stress change from person to person and can create physical, cognitive, psychological, or behavioral symptoms. A person’s ethnic or cultural history may additionally play an important part in the evolution of particular kinds of stress. Genetic variables that can lead to biochemical imbalance in the brain additionally help determine the growth of the illness. Medical research workers recommend that people who are subjected to violence, maltreatment, and poverty can result in the evolution of anxiety disorder.

Sessions of psychotherapy could be enough to treat moderate anxiety disorders. Many health professionals yet support the application of drugs coupled with psychotherapy to take care of patients with serious instances of anxiety disorders. Due to many medicines and treatment for anxiety disorders physicians might not have the ability to forecast which mix is valuable for some person. You’ll find instances that physicians may attempt another medicine or treatment during a course of six to eight weeks to be able to evaluate their effectiveness.

Individuals are encouraged by many health professionals influenced with anxiety disorder to interact in physical tasks like weight training, cardiovascular exercises, yoga, as well as other physical tasks. These actions can help alleviate stress and psychological stresses. In addition, these actions foster the discharge of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. These materials are generated by the mind and can help encourage circumstances of relaxation and ecstasy. Those who are influenced by anxiety disorders should seek the support of health professionals so they can produce a treatment strategy because of their state.

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